Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Email Issues -- Help Please!

I'm wondering if anyone who subscribes to my emails is having any issues viewing them?? I have one reader who has let me know that she can't read the emails with posts with pictures.  She said that the pictures cover the text.  She tried to forward one to me to see but the forwarded email looks normal.  I decided to subscribe myself so I could see them myself and again they look as they should. 

If you're receiving my emails, please leave me a comment either way....are you getting the emails okay or with problems.  Also please let me know if you know of a solution to the problem.  Thanks!!

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Carrie V said...

I am not having any problems with the emails. I love your blog

Carrie V

Susie said...

RSS feeds are coming through here fine!

Diana said...

The emails are coming through just fine for me.

Becky said...

Thanks for letting me know! I'm glad you're getting my & RSS okay. I don't know how to help the one reader having problems?!?!