"High Five" Monthly Recap

Do you track your grocery spending?  Savings?  Percentages?  I do!  I'm all about the numbers and I don't know what the numbers are if I don't track them.  One of the non-monetary benefits to the couponing, stockpiling and money saving that I do is a sense of accomplishment.  It's a way for me to see how I'm doing at my "job."  I don't miss going to work in an office everyday.  I do miss earning a paycheck and a pat on the back that says "Job Well Done!" Tracking my grocery numbers shows me that all the effort I put into cutting coupons, searching for deals, meal planning and grocery shopping is all worth it.

I use a very easy ... already designed ... spreadsheet.  Andrea at Mommy Snacks made her Grocery Savings Chart available to her readers and I have used it ever since!  

At the end of each month I'm going to post my recap for the month.  I'll tell you how much I spent and saved.  I'll also list the Noteworthy items that I added to my stockpile during that month.  This can do two things .... selfishly it's one more way for me to hold myself accountable to do a good job. Second, I learn best by example. Years ago someone could have told me how to save money by couponing and sale shopping but without examples I wouldn't have gotten it.  I'm hoping that the grocery trips I post about and now a month end recap can be examples for others to see how easy and possible it is to save.

Comment or if you have a blog link up to your "High Five" Monthly Recap.  We all can use a High Five now and then!

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